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We love Orlando Owl’s quirky wild hair and sleepy cocoa face. Owls like to go out at night, so during the day, his soft claws help him perch in his tree for a nice long snooze. That is, until those cheeky cuckoos wake him up! Yummy-soft and very yawny, Orlando’s such a handsome tawny.

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Hee-haw! That’s Bashful Donkey chuckling. He’s a practical joker who loves to play pranks! He’s a softy though, in squashy Bashful fur, with a funky grey mane and big ears which he waggles all day. His coffee-brown muzzle and long, tufty tail mean he’s the cuddliest donkey on the beach!

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Yee-ha, cowboys and cowgirls! When Bashful Pinto Pony gallops into town, he puts a smile on every face! A lovable whirlwind of chocolate and cream, he's the fastest pony in Dodge! He's gorgeously textured with a soft, suedey muzzle, fringed mane and tassled tail. They go mighty well with his splodgy, snuggly fur.

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What a kooky fellow is Wild Thing Frog, all boggly eyes and snuggly fur! Those perfect peepers are suedey-soft, so he's friendly to even the smallest tadpoles. Most of his friends love to gobble down flies, but this froggy quite likes a nice piece of pie! Mossy green and keen to be seen, he'd love to go for a hop down the lane.

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Toothy Mutt is truly all smiles, and we can’t help but smile along too! This pup is made up, and wouldn’t you be, with such a cuddly, fleecy tummy. Maybe it’s his brick-red colour that make him chuckle like no other. Either way, he’s such good fun. Golly, what a jolly dog!

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Some people say that sharks are scary, but they haven’t met lovely Toothy Shark! Looking cool in ocean blue, even his fins are super-soft. This goofy soft toy just can’t stop grinning and showing his pearly whites. And the way he keeps them so white? He’s actually a vegetarian, and loves nothing better than a seaweed sandwich!

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Toothy T-Rex welcomes dino pals to the annual Jurassic picnic! Green but not mean, he’s a friendly, fleecy soft fellow who loves to play in mud and volcanoes! He’s very good at cleaning his teeth, especially after eating bonbons. However, he never gets praised by dentists for all his excellent efforts- he thinks they are just as tasty as sweeties!

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Toothy Bat is a chirpy little chap, and you would be too, with such a fine smile! Not to mention those soft wings and ears. This quirky critter has so much fun, flitting through trees and gobbling all the bugs! And if the dark is scary, cuddle up to this Toothy soft toy. He’s a truly brilliant bed-time budd

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Come on over - Vivi Elephant’s about to start storytime! A charming chalk-blue chap with big, beautiful ears, he’s eager to share some tales from Africa! Elephants normally eat grass and plants, but this cheeky chap’s favourite snack is peanut butter sandwiches! It gets all over his lovely fur, but at least he’s washable!

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Vivi Croc’s brothers and sisters are really fast swimmers, zooming along using their powerful tails! Being the sleepy one, Vivi Croc prefers chilling out on the bank and reading a book. Joke books are a favourite, they make him giggle so much that he shows all of his lovely teeth! Give this squidgy croc a cuddle - he’s a softy reall

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Vivi Piglet has the coolest wiggly tail in the Jellycat world, and waggles it happily as she walks. This raspberry piggy is a sensitive friend and loves to help out her fellow Vivis. She especially loves baking cakes for pals, her turnip cakes are delicious!

SKU: 670983082319

For a little one, Vivi Mouse is full of spark and spirit! She’s always writing and telling jokes and she’s the reigning cheese-carving champ! Fizzy and orange, this mouse might be loud but she’s very loyal and full of love. Why not take her for a nature ramble, and see what fun things you can see?

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Cordy Roy Fox is full of mischief, and loves to play adorable tricks! Being so soft and cordy-cute, no-one suspects this sweet ginger cub. Cuddly and bubbly, with little white patches, he’s always smartly dressed. He’s loyal to his friends and always shares his sweets, so we can’t stay cross at this cheeky fox.

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A big warm welcome to Wilbur Whale, who joins us from the depths of the sea! This huge-hearted softy is an underwater wonder, and we’re crazy about his contrast cordy tummy. Sleepy aquanauts can nap on Wilbur’s squashy, velvety back. Sweet dreams, intrepid ocean explorers!

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Alligators are meant to be scary, but Gilbert Gator is one cuddly critter! He’s such a softy that his favourite food is marshmallows, and his scales are fantastically fluffy. Snout-sniffingly good at treasure hunts, he’s a firm favourite at the annual Jellycat picnic, where he always wins the running race!