1000 Piece Puzzle "Sunflowers" - Painting by Sara Steele

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Puzzle | 1,000 Pieces | Size: 19 by 26 inches

About Artist Sara Steele
For more than 30 years Philadelphia artist and activist Sara Steele has given us glimpses of a numinous world that can bring us peace, delight and inspiration as we move through our everyday lives. Her paintings explore her concerns for our fragile and beautiful world, and through her art she illuminates ideas about why we 
might share her concerns. 
Through her activism she works to have a more humane and sustainable existence on this planet and to move those ideas from the realm of the possible to the actual. Steele works with numerous non-profit organizations locally, nationally and globally around issues of peace, ecology, social and environmental justice, human rights, violence prevention, health and women’s issues.


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