Attention Local Authors!

Requesting an Author Event!

Read It Again hosts a very full event calendar, booking several weeks in advance! In order to evaluate and select the best events for our community, a formal proposal is required. All events involve considerable labor, and we want to ensure a successful event for both the author and the bookstore. Please fill out the form below. Our events coordinator will respond within 30 days. 

Currently, we are hosting simple meet and greets in the store. We set the authors up by the front door so they can talk to customers when they walk in. We call these events Author in Residence.

Author Event Requirements

To be eligible for an author event, your book must be available on Ingram at a 42% discount and be returnable. We supply the books for events; if we are unable to get books through Ingram, we won't do the event.

We also don't do events with authors who publish through Amazon. 

Author Events Etiquette

Authors should show up 10 mins before the event.

If the author wants their RIA event to be successful, they have to talk to customers about their book. If they don't engage with customers, their books won't sell.

They cannot sell books or merchandise that was not approved by bookstore staff.

They cannot direct customers to Amazon to buy their books.

In emails to booksellers, please don't mention how well your book is doing on Amazon. It will not affect our decision to host you. 

Authors must promote their Read It Again event on social media, on their website, and in their newsletter (if applicable).

Authors must add an indie bookstore purchase link to their website. 

Adding an Indie Bookstore Purchase Link to Your Website

It's easy to add indie online purchase links to your email signature and website! is the American Booksellers Association's book database and helps shoppers find the indie nearest them. Want to send a purchase link to your friends and family? Use this formula to find yours: / book / your ISBN-13   Example:

This same formula works for Read It Again Bookstore's website: / book / your ISBN-13    Example:

Author Event Form: Please fill out this form to be considered for an author event.