Book Recommendation- Bookish Books!

Olivia came back from college for a visit! I was so excited to see her, I made her pose for a picture. The lovey Olivia is modeling two books about books, something my staff and I swoon over. In her right hand Olivia is holding, "Bibliophile" by Jane Mount Its basically a love letter to all things bookish. There's a whole page dedicated to our friends @avidbookshop I have to tell you, it has been a popular book. We've been selling it straight from the box. 
We love all things Jane Mount, so in our store you can find her mugs, pins, prints and first coffee table book. Make sure you check out the Avid Bookshop page!

In Olivia's left hand is, "1,000 Books to Read Before You Die" by James Mustich. This is a life changing list y'all. It says so in the subtitle. We have been fawning over this book for days. No one wants to file it. It just sits on the front counter. Its filled with 1,000 must read books, and they are good books, nothing too obscure. My favorite part is the check list at the back. I do wish there was a check box next to each book's description, but that's ok.
Both books are available today at Read It Again.