Cage-Free: Escaping, Healing, and Rebuilding from the Prison of Abuse (Paperback)

Cage-Free: Escaping, Healing, and Rebuilding from the Prison of Abuse By A. Michele Cover Image


Many today are ensnared in relational dynamics that are poisonous to the mind, body, and soul. Initially, we may be deluded through tools of manipulation and deception into believing such exchanges are "normal" or "acceptable." Yet, when the patterns and behaviors become dangerous or unmanageable somehow, it becomes the proverbial wake-up call that's been needed; sometimes, for decades.
Unfortunately, in our world, multitudes are acting out of instinct, what's familiar, or that which seems outwardly appealing. We gravitate to risky people and situations out of comfort; the result of childhood wounds. Unsafe, negligent, or unloving relations might be all we have known. There are always invisible threads which lead us right back to our foundational roots, if we take the time to do the deep inner work. Nowhere can threats to our peace, happiness, or very existence be more apparent than when uncovering the discomforting topic of abuse.
Sadly, countless numbers of well-meaning individuals are trapped (at least in their own minds) in marriages, romantic pairings, or other associations that are chipping away daily at their existence. Forget joy; mere survival is the priority. This is a guarantee if attached in some way someone with a maladaptive personality. Whether that person has perpetual character traits of a narcissist, one with anti-social personality disorder, or has been officially diagnosed by a professional, such people will destroy your life, irrespective of the label.
After lugging around the burdens that stem from harmful early underpinnings, we simply must call a "time out" and take the necessary steps to work through our agonizing memories, so we can forge ahead with new vitality. Without this pause, we might remain for a lifetime in current destructive relationships or caught making the same injurious choices, by being drawn to the same type, only bearing a different name.
You will learn about how facing some of life's most unpleasant encounters taught Ms. Stevens invaluable lessons, strengthened her beyond belief, and gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Flaws exposed, vulnerability visible, she invites you to read without judgment and gain a glimpse of life's brutality from her perspective, and possibly even your own. Further, the narrative concludes with revelations and appeals to readers to come together in awareness and to acquire immediate and severe penalties and legislation, to hold accountable these social destroyers and safeguard all of our futures.

About the Author

You are reading from the direct experiences and ideas of a strong, tenacious individual who has lived through relational hell and back. The author was raised to expect pain and mistreatment; the result of a traumatizing childhood coupled with emotional neglect. Wounds were comfortable. Thankfully, God had more in mind for her life. After she accepted His call for her repentance and salvation, she could then have eternal hope.
Unfortunately, there would be many more excruciating trials to endure, but she would gain wisdom, insight, and healing through intense and focused counseling, acquiring educational credentials, and achieving other life-long goals.
As her name denotes, she is ready to receive her "beautiful crown" of life, earned only through a narrative of deep, isolating valleys and pressing through to see light and purpose on the other side.

She graduated with honors and earned induction into two collegiate honor societies, as well as nomination to mentor/mentee programs.
In her free time, she enjoys cooking and reading about nutrition and fitness training innovations. She sustains a daily exercise routine that incorporates weight lifting, running, and indoor cycling.
-Online certifications through The Office for Victims of Crime
-Personal website & blog dedicated to relational neglect, abuse, intimacy issues
-Bible study with women's group
-Attended Global Leadership Summit 2018 and 2019
-Registered to Attend Global Leadership Summit 2020

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ISBN: 9781098325312
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Publication Date: December 26th, 2020
Pages: 296
Language: English