Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention for Ethnic Minority Children: Evidence-Based Approaches (Hardcover)

Psychoeducational Assessment and Intervention for Ethnic Minority Children: Evidence-Based Approaches By Jamilia Blake (Editor), Scott Lee Graves Jr (Editor) Cover Image
By Jamilia Blake (Editor), Scott Lee Graves Jr (Editor)


School-based mental health professionals receive extensive training in assessment and treatment techniques with children. However, most of this training is based on research with white, middle-class populations, whose experiences are hardly universal.

In the next decade, ethnic minority students are projected to become the numerical majority in the U.S. public school population. There is a pressing need for assessments and interventions that treat black, Latino, and other ethnic minority children with the understanding and respect they deserve as members of unique cultures with particular mental health needs.

This book offers how-to guidance to psychologists and counselors who assess and intervene with ethnic minority children. Beginning with a historical tour of psychoeducational assessment related to ethnic minorities, the book situates basic areas of assessment -- such as neuropsychology, social/emotional assessment, and early childhood development assessment -- within an ethnic minority context. It then offers evidenced-based strategies for improving the educational performance and well-being of ethnically diverse students.

This invaluable resource is a comprehensive yet practical starting point for stakeholders to consider when designing and conducting research, clinical assessments, and interventions.

About the Author

Scott L. Graves, Jr., PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling, Psychology and Special Education at Duquesne University. He earned his doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Kentucky in 2006. His interests can be broadly categorized as understanding protective factors that lead to appropriate development in early childhood. His research agenda is focused on identifying strengths in African American children that lead to positive social-emotional and academic outcomes. Dr. Graves has published widely in these areas. Currently, he is an elected member of the APA Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs. Jamilia J. Blake, PhD, LSSP, is a licensed psychologist and associate professor at Texas A&M University in the school psychology program. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Georgia in educational psychology. Dr. Blake's research examines the developmental trajectory of peer-directed aggression, bullying, and victimization in socially marginalized youth; and racial disparities in school discipline. She has published studies examining the social and psychological consequences of aggression for African American girls and the degree to which parental beliefs about aggression differentially influence African American and European American girls' use of aggression. She teaches courses in emotional and behavioral assessment, child therapy, consultation, educational disparities, and multicultural counseling.

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