Prayer: The Believer's Master Key (Paperback)

Prayer: The Believer's Master Key By Pastor Nnaemeka C. Uchegbu Cover Image
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Prayer: The Believer's Master Key explains that prayer is a process that connects man with God, the created being to his creator. This concept links earth to heaven, bringing the physical plane to the spiritual realm, and bringing the natural soul into the presence of the supernatural God. Prayer is the means through which those hungry for God can form timeless bonds with him. It is the key that opens the door of light for the blind to see, the sick to be healed, and for the weak to receive strength for exploits. Prayer can also be the spiritual magnet that pulls the helpless to the place of hope.

The first real need of any serious Christian is to develop an unbroken, intimate fellowship with God. This can only be achieved through prayer, the proven medium through which believers of humble disposition, the penitent and redeemed of the lord, in sincerity of worship, enter into the presence of the almighty God. Simple as God intended this medium of communication to be, man-in his pursuit for religion. and his zeal to humanize the divine nature-has introduced several unnecessary obstacles, thus complicating this otherwise simple concept.

Prayer attempts to remove those man-made limitations that hinder easy access to God- a guide that demystifies the art of communicating with God.

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Publication Date: February 12th, 2015
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