EMT Fit: The Ultimate EMT Fitness and Nutritional Program (Paperback)

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Welcome to EMT-fit

New and updated thru 2020

This 12-month all encompassing program is design specifically for the achievement of your goals and maximization of your daily life....with nearly 3 decades & literally thousands of clients/trainees worth of experience behind it.


With EMT-fit, every single aspect of your goal: strength, conditioning, planning, sleep and diet and more.......are all covered in your extensive and comprehensive Year Long program. Your program has been designed specifically to maximize BOTH.....all of your natural potential and to obtain or enhance other valuable skills that did not come to you so naturally. When you have completed your full lifestyle changing year-long program this time next year.....You will be gifted with an extensive "book knowledge of fitness and diet" AND have the benefits of a years worth of "trial & error / experimenting" with your personal preferences, needs and requirements as an individual......to REALLY find how that knowledge applies to YOU and YOUR goals.

Your EMT-fit manual will also become your future roadmap for years to come.....as the collection of all your training and nutritional experiences (Both good or bad) that will give you the expertise about yourself to become your own "Trainer" or "Coach" for the rest of your life In all areas. Nutrition, Exercise, Cardio, Resistance/weight training & etc

FYI: ---- I strongly recommend the paperback or PDF version (See website) of this book ----

This is because we will have laid out your entire upcoming year of nearly everything in your program manual encompassing your entire fitness program ( about 300-ish pages). Lists, Checklists, Fill-in's, Forms, trackers, counters and many different methods for tracking your daily, weekly and monthly progress.

About Me....... I have been Personal Training and Coaching since the late 1980's; When I got my first job as a teenager at the famous "George Turners Gym" (Home of Bodybuilding champions in those days).

I have served twice in the United States Army (S.O. Aviation), where I was also a Master Fitness and in charge of fitness and weight control programs battalion wide. During this time period is where "MAC-P" fighting systems were formed and put to practice in the US Army. I am a level 3. This is the military version of a "Mixed Martial Arts" Program designed for soldiers.

I went to college at Oregon, Mizzou & Arizona State, where I Majored Finance & Poli Sci.

Aside from my sports & fitness endeavors....... I have also spent over two decades in the Finance Industry and in Real Estate Development.

I have my series 7, series 66 and series 86 (financial planner/fund manager/technical analyst)

For the past 12 years I have focused on being the Agent, Coach and the Trainer of Models, Performers & Athletes. In particular Fitness Models, Physique competitors and Pro-MMA Fighters.

Over the past decade, I have worked in some of the most famous (and infamous) gyms in the world for their prospective sport....Training next to and sparring with some of the biggest Icons of our day.

My "Clients List" includes:

-NFL players (One with a Super Bowl ring)

-UFC fighters (2 World Champs)

-Fitness models (several champions and one Arnold winner)

-Las Vegas performers


- Fortune 100 CEO's

& even a few TV stars back in the day.

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