Skin Tag Remover (Paperback)

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Have you decided that your skin tag is bothering you; As long as the tag is not infected or near a delicate area, you can remove it yourself at home.

Pores and skin tags are painless, non-cancerous growths on your skin; they're linked to your skin by a little, slim stalk called a peduncle. Epidermis/skin tags are regular in men and women, especially after age group 50; they can show up anywhere on the body, though they're common within places where your skin layer folds like the:

- Armpits.

- Groin.

- Thighs.

- Eyelids.

- Neck.

- Area under your breasts.

As pores and skin tags are usually safe, removal is generally for visual or aesthetic reasons. Large epidermis/skin tags, especially in areas where they could rub against something, such as clothing, jewelry or pores, and skin, may be removed credited to irritation.

This book is a best choice for you to learn how to remove skin tag from home.

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ISBN: 9781637501719
ISBN-10: 1637501714
Publisher: Mdfin Press
Publication Date: February 12th, 2021
Pages: 54
Language: English