VET Tv's Military Slang Dictionary (Hardcover)

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By Vet Tv
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Created by VET Tv, the #1 military comedy streaming service.

There are many books about the U.S. military that'll help you understand our culture, history, and traditions. These books are written professionally and honorably, in an effort to reflect the values of the American servicemember - and can provide a respectful insight into the military experience. This is not one of those books.

This book will teach you the language of the real American warrior, who, despite common perception, is usually a bored, hormone-charged 19-year-old looking for something more exciting in life. So, they join the best military on the planet and now live with the intent to kill, blow up, and f*** everything in sight (not necessarily in that order).

Who is this made for?

If you're enlisted, a lot of this book will be familiar; use it for a laugh and a reminder that everyone thinks the military is just as ridiculous as you think it is. If you're an officer, use this book to relate to your troops, because they hate you. No, really, they literally HATE you. If you're thinking about enlisting, this book will help you understand the institution you're about to join, because the recruiters are definitely lying to you. If you're married to a service member, you will undoubtedly hear some of these terms during your next "domestic disturbance." If you're looking to steal valor, then this book will help you get any woman you want (below a 6), get free drinks at dive bars, and, of course, a free meal on Veterans Day.

You're welcome for our service, and for this one-of-a-kind book.

Disclaimer: While these are the words that veterans and active-duty military may know and understand, VET Tv does not endorse the actual use of them - especially outside of the context of war. It's important to understand that when your job is to take another person's life - your mentality and your language change in order to dehumanize the enemy and make light of the unfathomable experiences of war. Bottom line, this is a documentation of reality, not a recommendation to use any of these terms at the dinner table.

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ISBN: 9781736670507
ISBN-10: 1736670506
Publisher: Veteran Entertainment Television
Publication Date: May 26th, 2021
Pages: 152
Language: English