Learn Statistics Today: 50 Solved Equations To Easily Explain Statistics! (Paperback)

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The One Guide To Finally Make Statistics Easy

This book was made for you... To help you 'Learn Statistics Today'.

Whether you love or hate math, this guide is used to help you grasp what it is needed to pass Statistics

Master All Areas of Statistics With Content + 50 Fully Solved Equations...

In this introductory guide, you will easily learn:

  • An overview on data sampling
  • The calculation of measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode, and range).
  • How to calculate the measure of data dispersion (standard deviation) on both a population and on a sample.
  • Calculating the best fit line using the Least Squared Method.
  • Constructing Box-Whisker Plots, and how to calculate the 3 quartile values.
  • All about false positive and false negative results and how to calculate confidence intervals using the data information and z-scores.
  • How to calculate the margin of error and how to conduct Chi square p-values to measure the significance of test results.
  • And Much More
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