From Emaciated to Emancipated: The Story of a Skinny Mango (Paperback)

From Emaciated to Emancipated: The Story of a Skinny Mango By Ryan Althaus Cover Image
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Ironman Triathlons. ICU Stays. Marathons. Surfing Wipeouts. Dating.

Zoom in on any of the momentous occasions in Ryan Althaus's life, and you're certain to see someone lurking in the background: his friend, Ed.

Ed's not quite the friend you're envisioning, though. Ed is short for "eating disorder", and he has an obnoxious way of infusing himself into every aspect of Ryan's life - but not for long

In his debut book From Emaciated to Emancipated, Ryan recounts the moment when he and Ed first crossed paths, as well as the not-so-traditional route he's taken to ditch Ed thereafter. As anyone with their own Ed will know, recovery is a journey of ups and downs. But Ryan's lighthearted approach will encourage and inspire you to join in his quest to reclaim his life, laughter and reason for being - without Ed in tow.

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ISBN: 9781913615987
ISBN-10: 1913615987
Publisher: Cherish Editions
Publication Date: February 9th, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English