Wicca Spells: Wiccan Guide for Beginners. The Witchcraft and Magic Meditation for Moon Ritual. Wiccapedia and New Religion Starter K (Paperback)

Wicca Spells: Wiccan Guide for Beginners. The Witchcraft and Magic Meditation for Moon Ritual. Wiccapedia and New Religion Starter K Cover Image
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Become a Wicca practitioner today

Do you want to start practicing magic?

Want to know the basics of the Wiccan philosophy?

Want a collection of spells?

Wicca Spells is an essential guide and introduction to the magic of Wicca.

It seeks to provide Wicca's rich history, background, and practices while enlightening the newcomer to Wicca about myths and misconceptions.

It provides the framework for getting started with Wiccan magic. This powerful, life-changing craft can help you unlock the mysteries of the universe, as well as enriching your life and achieving your own goals and dreams.

Wicca Spells covers:

  • The origins of Wicca, a new religion based on the Old Ways.
  • Wiccans' beliefs and practices and why the religion is so appealing to those who value their freedom, individuality, and connection to the natural world.
  • The holidays Wiccans celebrate, and why the moon is such a vital part of their beliefs and faith.
  • The god and the goddess, their different aspects, and how they touch our lives in ways you'd never before imagined.
  • Wiccan ceremonies, naming rituals, reverence for their elders and children, and equality among the sexes.
  • 45 pages of Wiccan magic spells, designed with the beginner in mind but useful to practitioner of all levels of magic. Spells for money, love and romance, luck and abundance, personal empowerment, health and wealth, and uncovering hidden secrets are all yours to try, written simply and in easy to follow steps.
  • A guide to the proper days and times on which to cast a specific spell.
  • How to cast a magic circle, where Wiccans perform their magic.
  • The magical properties of plants and crystals and how to use them in your magical work.
  • The names of gods and goddesses to connect with and how they can transform your life.
  • Which foods and herbs are sacred on certain Wiccan holidays.

When first understanding the ways of magic, spellwork can be confusing, even daunting.

This book will give you an idea of how a spell works while breaking it down, helping you understand the basic concepts, and giving you references, guidelines, and ethical structures to help you build your own Book of Shadows successfully.

Your path is yours to follow. Wicca Spells will help you discover what awaits you and help you on every part of your spiritual, magical journey.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781913978815
ISBN-10: 1913978818
Publisher: Yuri Tufano
Publication Date: November 4th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English