The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume IV - Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation (Paperback)

The Definitive Guide to Thriving on Disruption: Volume IV - Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation By Roger Spitz, Lidia Zuin Cover Image
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Discover how you can leverage systemic disruption to drive sustainable value creation

What does our complex and unpredictable world mean for you as a business?

The bestselling "Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation" focuses on strategic decision-making and effective governance systems for our deeply uncertain world.

How can we develop Anticipatory Governance for leadership and boards given the increasing cost of business as usual?

We need to incentivize alignment and resilience through longer-term thinking. With disruption now a constant, the cost of being prepared pales in comparison with the reputational, financial, and human costs of lacking anticipation.

What Sustainability and ClimateTech opportunities are created by the energy transition?

Greenaissance is an era of renewal with momentous innovation and green investment opportunities. Businesses and investors must consider a broad set of stakeholders, partners, and complex ecosystem interactions to increase the energy transition's viability. We explore how to achieve systems-level change for sustainable and transformative innovation (versus ineffective point solutions).

How can organizations approach ecosystem innovation through Business Models-as-a-System (BMaaS)?

Similar to living organisms, these living BMaaS have an innate capacity to transform within their ecosystems. BMaaS blur boundaries between partners, customers, suppliers, and competitors. They constantly nurture the creation of markets and work collaboratively to address systemic challenges.

How will industries intersect, converge, then emerge in the next era of digital disruption?

The clearly delineated "industries" or "sectors" are disappearing. In this liminal world, there are no industry boundaries. The magic happens when intersections create new combinations.

Why is Space becoming the financial frontier as an investment theme, more than just a place? What could change as the center of gravity shifts to Asia and Africa?

"Disruption as a Springboard to Value Creation" holds the answers.

Volume IV includes two workbooks with a rich set of case studies and tools on transformative innovation, prototyping the futures, reinventing governance, and creating resilience through futures intelligence capacity building. Disruption is disrupting itself, creating significant paradigm shifts in value and business models.

Get your copy and learn how to capitalize on these value shifts by using disruption as a springboard to create value

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