Trump: Why He Lost the 2020 Election (Paperback)

Trump: Why He Lost the 2020 Election By Barbara M. Schobl-Legee Cover Image
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Donald J. Trump was loved by some and hated by others. He was an "outsider" and resented by the "insiders". He was a businessman and not a politician. He wanted to change Washington, D.C., and he did not want to be changed. Washington, D.C. wanted to change America. And the majority of America was silent. They were the "silent majority" who expected something dramatic to happen just because ... But all that does not matter. There was a prophet of God named Ezra who was given a vision of a nation that would be set up long after Ezra was gone. The majority of that prophecy has already been fulfilled.

This book concentrates on the making of the country and the ones who would come into power - and the time they would get to serve in office. When that prophecy says, "and they would be seen no more," means they have reached the end of their time in office. They will not be re-elected, nor return later. Trump could not defy prophecy and win - and he cannot come back later.

There is good news, too. Read the book to discover the good news.

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