Atomic Prayers that Destroy Destiny Killers (Paperback)

Atomic Prayers that Destroy Destiny Killers By Tella Olayeri Cover Image
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You need prayer that changes destiny.

Your destiny is your life. Your destiny tells what you will be, depending on how to manage it. Your destiny will flourish if you water it well and nourish it. It is often said, "Your destiny is in your hands". This is true because you must be aggressive in tactics and wisdom to guide your destiny in prayer. It is time you rise and understand what it takes to keep destiny from destructive killers.

Many destinies are down and sleeping while some are sick or dead depending on how it is affected. Satan is clever and wicked. He knows, if your destiny is affected you will go nowhere. He doubles his efforts to kill your destiny and naked you.

This book gives vivid areas you will concentrate in prayer and know types of attacks that destroy destiny. These include.

  • When the star of your destiny is high jacked or shut down.
  • When witches and wizards feed on your destiny.
  • When marine powers drown your destiny.
  • When there is attack from home against your destiny.
  • When accused by enemies and court marshaled by witchcraft powers.
  • When your destiny is cursed or caged.
  • When the anointing of your destiny dries up or is polluted.
  • When your destiny is swallowed by dark power.
  • When your brain is fired with arrow from the pit of hell.
  • When you are covered with garment of failure and stagnation.
  • When you cannot pray warfare prayer of back to sender.
  • When your destiny is by witchcraft bombarded with missile bullets.
  • When your destiny is open to insecurity and safety.
  • When your bill of health is bad or contagious.

Those wicked attacks and many others that brings destiny from HERO to Zero level are well discussed in this book, with violent prayer points that silence destiny killers. It is time you wake up and save your destiny from witchcraft attacks.

Testimonies await you when you buy this book, read and pray the prayers in it. I expect to share with you great testimonies that follow. I say to you, congratulations.

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ISBN: 9798638875152
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 20th, 2020
Pages: 164
Language: English