Toxic Energy: They Thought They Could Attack Your Boundaries Until... (4 in 1 Collection) (Paperback)

Toxic Energy: They Thought They Could Attack Your Boundaries Until... (4 in 1 Collection) Cover Image
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If you're sick of other people's energy throwing off your goals & dreams then keep reading...4 Angela Grace titles included for the price of 2 :
  • Protect Your Energy
  • Energy Healing Made Easy
  • Reiki Made Easy
  • Crystals made Easy
Have you ever wanted to express yourself the way you want without letting outside negativity drag you into mediocrity? What would your life be like if you could protect your own energy with healthy & firm boundaries? Imagine what you could accomplish with an endless reservoir of power you can tap into at will.All too often we let external energy impose on our boundaries & lower our vibration. This tragically leads to us living NOWHERE near our best lives & living in the lazy, procrastination death trap. Sound familiar?But what if you could discover what the world's greatest achievers know & use as a part of their morning rituals? What if you could become as energetic as a superstar athlete?Guess what... YOU CAN. There is simply NO REASON for you not to live an abundant & accomplishment filled life, free of harmful energetic influences surrounding & imposing on your space.Here is just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover:
  • The fatal habit you're doing that is SABOTAGING your ability to manifest abundance
  • Why you're really suffering from migraines, anger issues, depression, & anxiety
  • This simple tip to keep Reiki energy flowing for the rest of your life & the 4 priceless benefits that come with it
  • The easy palm healing secret you MUST implement to develop your Reiki strength & protect yourself
  • This easy & unique method to shift a busy mind to meditation in seconds
  • The outrageously effective technique that makes throwing away your negative energy as easy as throwing a frisbee
  • What you can easily add to your daily ritual to CRUSH negative thought patterns & self-sabotaging behavior
  • What you MUST include when healing past-life trauma or your inner-child
  • The everyday item in your bedroom that is causing blockages in your energy without you realizing
  • Why negative entities keep imposing on your auric space & how to fix it
  • The chaotic energy that is badly affecting your mind, body, & spirit without you realizing
  • The real reason why energy vampires are bleeding you dry
  • What in your own home is creating openings for toxic energy to infiltrate your aura
  • The covert signs to tell when you're in the presence of an energy vampire that no one told you about
  • The habit you're indulging in that's allowing hazardous invaders to cause irreparable damage
  • How to free yourself of these shackles the media is using to enslave your mind
  • What to align your vibration with to prevent your body from becoming a breeding ground for disease
  • Why counseling sessions won't clear all of your trauma
& much, much more...This guide will empower you regardless of your background, even if you have weak boundaries or have been plagued with fatigue your whole life up until now. This is because the same energy that created the universe lives within you. It's time to step out of mediocrity & access it This vibration-boosting guide will empower you, even if you're an experienced energy healer, or even if you're completely new to energy work.So if you want to repel toxic energy, stand your ground, GET MORE DONE, & tap into your unlimited energy like never before then turn the first page...

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ISBN: 9798672858432
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 8th, 2020
Pages: 338
Language: English