Books for Ghana


We got in a very nice thank you letter from a student from Lambert High School. He asked that we pass a thank you to all of our customers. Without your book donations, Cheers Library would have been harder to obtain.

"Hi! Thank you and everyone at Read It Again for helping us put this together - you truly made a difference.

As a Ghanaian born American, I often noticed the lack of reading material for kids on my trips back home. Trying to help in any way possible, I set up a plan to collect books from local families in metro Atlanta during my junior year (I'm a senior now). Because of the generous donations we received, we were able to send over 2,500 books to hospitals and libraries in Ghana with our first shipment in June of 2017, and we anticipate sending many more in the future. In fact, these books even allowed us to help open the new "Cheers Library" in Accra, a library targeted towards children in hope of improving child literacy rates. Read It Again supplied several hundred of these books, playing an integral role in the success of this project.


Andrew Hama"

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