Chicks in Charge

Today I went to an event called "Chicks in Charge" hosted by the Johns Creek Chamber. 
Read It Again donated a bunch of books. I tried to make sure that everyone there went home with a book. It’s the bookseller in me—I get stressed when people don't have something to read.
There were some great speakers. I found out a bunch of interesting that I should be putting 15% of my paycheck in savings. (What!? I know.) I heard from a very smart young woman who started a nonprofit while in high school and the CEO of Emory Johns Creek Hospital. Oh and a kick a$$ engineer, who I think needs to come and speak at my kids' high school. I'm going to the next Chicks in Charge whenever it is. It was fun.
I want to thank Unladylikemedia for autographing a copy of their book, "Unladylike.” It was a huge hit. Yay!