Dinosaurs didn't read..

We had a great book club meeting last night. We all enjoyed, "Gods in Alabama". Our AM book club is tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what the Breakfast Club thinks of our September pick. Next month we are reading, "The Apartment" by Fiona Davis. 
In other news we've had an exciting day. Diane made an offer on a house. She is on cloud 9! I've been stuck in the office working on battle of the books orders. I won't let myself go home till its done! One of our favorite grandmothers is sick. So were all thinking about our favorite James Harriet fan today. Anne just called a customer on vacation in Alaska. Ha. Last week she called a customer on vacation in France. Two things. First, how crazy is technology that we can call anyone everywhere now. Second, how awesome is it that people will take our calls while they are on vacation? Ha.