English Learner's Book Club Oct

This morning our English Learners Book Club met and we had a great discussion. We read @jamespattersonbooks 10 Million Dollar Marriage Proposal. We had a great discussion. I mean a great discussion. We talked about family, culture, Korean dramas.. would you answer billboard offering 10 million for a marriage proposal? Next month we're reading, "The House on Mango Street". After book club was over, North View High School English Learners Book Club came for a visit! Yay! (Pictured) I had so much fun helping them pick out their next book. Last night was our SciFi book club. Oh my gosh we had a great time talking about, "The Haunting of Hill House". It was a GREAT book club pick for October. We highly recommend it. It was very well written. We're Busy, busy, busy here at Read It Again.