A Conversation with Mickey Dubrow

Please join November 23rd, for a conversation with Mickey Dubrow!

For fans of Philip K. Dick’s The Man In the High Castle and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

"Part mystery, part dystopia, American Judas is satiric and stinging. Set in a future when the American way is 'God and guns' and inspectors invade your privacy to verify your faith, this novel cuts awfully close to home." --Anthony Grooms, author of The Vain Conversation, and Bombingham

American Judas is a dark and fast-paced story of an alternate history where religious extremists have turned America into a “Christian nation.” Along with the disintegration of women’s rights, alcohol, drugs, and travel outside of the country have all been deemed illegal.

A bloodless religious coup turns the American dream into an American nightmare where dissenters are jailed. Religious right wingers rule the land, and those who resist the oppressive theocracy are forced into reeducation camps until they repent or disappear. A young Jewish-Gentile couple desperately navigates the tyrannical new regime by remaining invisible. But after a coworker outs Seth Ginsberg for secretly practicing Judaism, the rising political aide and his feisty wife are left with menacing options, trapped between soul-crushing internment in a Savior Camp or a rugged race for the Mexican border. This timely dystopian thriller will keep readers turning pages and leave them afraid, angry, and thoughtful about America in the 21st Century.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 2:00pm

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ISBN: 9781732539808
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Published: Sfk Press - October 23rd, 2018