An Online Conversation with Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed

Read It Again Bookstore is excited to welcome Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed to our online author series! You can join us November 12th at 6pm on our YouTube channel for our discussion of her book My 30-Day Reset Journal: Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Create Positive Habits. You can join the discussion by commenting. We can post your question to the video. 

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Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed

Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed has been an entrepreneur her entire life. She has owned and operated health and wellness companies in the Philadelphia area for over 30 years. Early in her career she became the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers and worked with the Philadelphia 76ers dance team. Sandy also spent many years as a media personality and as Philadelphia NBC10's Fitness Expert where she was able to highlight local businesses, teach fitness trends and interview some of the best Philadelphia athletes. She also created the nationally recognized Philly Street Line Dance to help combat Philly’s “fattest city” label in 2001, which she taught all over the city. For the past five years, Sandy has been focusing on SJW Productions, an international company whose main mission is to highlight all the positive in the world and help people come together to reach their individual and common goals. She does this through her podcasts, “Let’s Keep It Real” & “Positive B*tch Lady”, her books, Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow, My 30-Day Reset Journal and her programs and workshops. Sandy’s mission to spread joy and positivity in the world.

Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow: Reach Any Goal in 3 Minutes a Day

Sandy’s goal was to create a book and guide that allows you to redirect your thoughts in a positive, focused manner. This book is the culmination—lighthearted and fun, it presents easy ways to learn a few simple changes you can make in your life, and why these will help you enjoy life more. After many years of hands-on research and collaboration with top professors, Sandy has put together a 90-day guide book and journal, written for the everyday person to help get their head in the game and see results instantly. Train your head, and your body will follow. This is a combination of a love and passion for fitness, food, science, spirituality, positive psychology, and people, all rolled into one. All our habits, everything we want, is because we believe we’ll feel better once we have it. Sandy will teach you to feel better first, which will better allow you to reach your goals.

My 30-Day Reset Journal: Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Create Positive Habits

The simple act of writing things down is very healing and a massive stress release. When you are realistic about your determination and commitment to reach your goals, life seems to make much more sense. 

This fun and easy to follow journal combines mental and physical wellbeing and only takes 1-3 minutes a day to complete—but the benefits are long-term. The introduction that explains the purpose of writing things down, and why and how to reach your goals. These journal pages are all about creating positive habits and a safe space for you to download your thoughts without judgement, so you can shift to a positive headset.

Readers will plan out their goal for the next 30 days, creating an individualized power statement and action plan. There are brain drain pages to get all your thoughts or doubts out, and a contract page to hold yourself accountable. Each week you'll pick a main theme to focus on, and will reset and review at the week's end. 
Creating a positive habit and reaching your goal is the most important part of the process and feeling joy. Everyone will benefit from taking a few minutes every day to keep it real and love the journey.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 6:00pm

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