Fall Events!

Today the part of Emily, Isabella and Amber will be played by Olivia! Didn't Olivia do a great job on our board!? Its just the two of us today, so we've been pretty busy. We've had some fun customers in today. We've had people visiting from NY and New Mexico. We also had some customers who had moved away, but come back for a visit. It was awesome to see them. I loved that they made Read It Again a part of their GA visit. Some of our Scifi book club members came in to pick up our November scifi pick. We ended up blocking the front of the store comparing dog photos. Other customers joined in. Despite what Ben thinks, we are all winners. All dogs are cute. We're reading some great books this month in our book clubs. We have a couple special storytimes coming up and a very special illustrator event on November 10th. @mark_geyer is has illustrated 3 Stephen King books and 2 Anne Rice books. He's also did, Who Was Charles Dickens and Who Was Ulysses S. Grant.