Football for Dummies

Today was an amazing day for connecting with customers. The awesome mom pictured here, wanted a football book, because her son just joined the JV football at #duluthhighschool We had such a great conversation. We talked about how she was from Hawaii and how much she loved the Hawaiian restaurant across the street ( @gopokecity ) We compared mom stories and talked about history. We talked about how I went from a fresh off the press degree in Art to opening a bookstore. We also talked about shopping online for groceries, which I am swear I'm the only one who buys groceries in person these days.. It was just a great conversation. Later Pam came in to drop off a goodie bag of candy and a thank you note. Last month she wanted to start a book club, so she came in and picked our brains and we had a really great conversation. Her club meets for the first time in a few days and she's very excited. Just now I got to relive my summer in Italy when a customer came in for a book on Florence. Some days, the best part about owning a bookstore isn't the books, but the people you meet.