Happy Dog Day!

When we found Sam, he had been hit by a car, starving, shot and was heartworm positive. He was about a year old, but you can tell someone put some effort in training him. He didn't jump on the couch or bed (we broke him of that) and he was house trained. I used to throw names at him to see if he would respond, but the only thing he would answer to was a whistle. Years later we've realized what his real name was, "Hungry". Its his secret name. One we whisper in his presence. When we ask him if he's Hungry, Sam goes crazy. He's a very lazy dog. I think he conserves his energy all day long listening for three little worlds, "are you Hungry?" Then he almost does backflips. "You've remembered my real name! You haven't forgotten!" The shepard in him tries to heard us to his food bowl. If we are up stairs, he'll push us down the stairs closer to the kitchen. I've tried to explain to him, that if I die there won't be food, but he doesn't care. He lives for the two times a day we call him by his real name, Hungry. Happy dog day.