Have you started Christmas Shopping?

I've started Christmas shopping for my kids. My daughter, Rhi loves David Bowie and Doctor Who. So guess what momma found?! Yep. Doctor Who and David Bowie socks! She also loves reading books about social justice and she's currently writing a collection of short stories. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter and The Poet X will be perfect for her! Both are about young women fighting social norms, and who want to writers. Now on to my boys. I really think my oldest son would like Piers Anthony. The Xanthn Novels are ridiculous and filled with puns, just like my Eli. I'm missing a few, so I'll have to put myself on request or order them new. My youngest is a Michael Crichton fan. He's the hardest to shop for, books wise. I might pull some Star War books for him. His brother will read them too. I have set aside socks for my boys, but I can't post them, because of prying eyes. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? You know we are the stocking stuffer capital of Johns Creek, right? Well, we are! 16 years and counting.