Let us help you fall into a good book!

Let us help you FALL into a good book! We love giving recommendations! I promise, unless we have a line of customers in front of us, we will drop whatever we are doing to help you find something to read. There is nothing more fun, more stimulating than discussing books with another book person. We just had the best book club tonight. Non of us wanted to go home. I'm still here! We read, "The Address" by Fiona Davis. Most gave it four starts out of five. There was one three star and one two star. Next month we read Rebecca! I can't wait. We meet the 2nd Tues and Thurs of every month. You should come. Where was I... book recommendations! Once I had a teacher ask me for fifth grade books about Westward Expansion. If I can find 7 books appropriate for 5th grade, about Westward Expansion, I can find you something to read, I promise.