Miss Black Suwanee USA

I came in ridiculously early this morning, to get some work done, and I found cookies and cupcakes! Let me tell you, that was the best sight ever, because I skipped breakfast. But then I found the note and I sat down and cried. It says-
"Read It Again Staff, I'm not sure you know that your store is more than a store. It is a place for people to come and grow. I am so grateful that your business operates in our community. 
-With care, 
Corinne Graham, 
Miss Black Suwanee USA. "
All I can say is, all hail queen! We work really hard to create a 3rd place. A place were people can come together outside of work and home. Thank you Corinne. Thank for your kind words and your cookies and thank you for noticing what we're trying to do for our community. 
You rock.