Multiverse- R. J. Joseph

R. J. Joseph is a Texas-based writer and professor who must exorcise the demons of her imagination so they don't haunt her being. A life-long horror fan and writer of many things, she has finally discovered the joys of writing creatively and academically about two important aspects of her life: horror and black femininity. R. J. is absolutely thrilled to have a story in the 2018 Bram Stoker-nominated anthology Sycorax’s Daughters and a featured poem in the Horror Writer’s Association Poetry Showcase, V. When R. J. isn't writing, teaching, or reading voraciously, she can usually be found wrangling one or six of various sprouts and sproutlings from her blended family of 11...which also includes one husband and two furry hellbeasts. R. J. can be found lurking (and occasionally even peeking out) on social media. R. J. is the director of the LEARN programming track at Multiverse.

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