Oh My God, Stacy! A Totally 80s High School Party Game


Chronicle Books Oh My God, Stacy! A Totally 80s High School Party Game for 3-12 Players, Ages 14+ - Find Your Clique and Race to be The Coolest in School Rad Card Game with Retro 80s Vibe

  • Awesome fun: find your Clique, grab your swag, and prepare for high school drama to the max with this radical card game that has jocks, Preppies, geeks, and punks square off in loving homage to high school movies of the 1980S.
  • Totally tubular: Flashback to the halls of high School as you play cards throughout the school day to prank your classmates, collect and steal gear, forge alliances, and earn cool points.
  • Gag Me with a spoon: uggghhh! Morning announcements may change the rules of play Each turn, so stay chill and may the coolest kids win!
  • This game is legit: like OMG! For 3-12 players ages 14 and up, This 80S party game takes approximately 30 minutes and includes 152 cards for play (action, gear, morning announcements, and more) and pizza slice tokens.
  • Sweet gift: no matter which Clique ruled the school, dudes and dudettes who roamed the halls in the 80S, or for those who just love this radical decade, oh my God, Stacy! Party game makes a killer gift.
  • Includes: 152 cards for play (including action, gear, morning announcements and more) and pizza slice tokens


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