Personal Shopper

Let Us Be Your Concierge Bookseller.

For years we have acted as personal shopper for many of our customers. Helping our customers pick out books is honestly the highlight of our day, and we are always happy to drop everything when our customers ask for a recommendation. We have many out of state customers who call us on their way to town, and we pull books for them to pick up when they get here. We even have a regular who moved to China who uses us to create care packages for her grandmother in middle GA. 

Let us be your personal book-shopper. Tell us a few books you have enjoyed in the past and we will pick out a stack of books we think you will enjoy today. We can either leave the books behind the counter for you to look at, or we can ship them to you. We ship all over the country. 


Care Packages-

Do you have an avid reader in your family or a friend who has a quirky taste in books and gifts? Well we can help. Give us an idea of the person you are shopping for and how much you want to spend and we will do all the hard work. Before we send each box, we will take a picture so you can approve your purchase.


For more information please call 770.232.9331 or email