$100 Mystery Box

SKU: 100mysterybox

When you buy this $100 mystery box from Read It Again Books, we'll do all the work of picking out the books for you and ship them to your door. We have two levels of Mystery boxes for you to choose from, $100 and $50!

To help us select books for you, please tell us at checkout a few hints about what you like to read. Maybe tell us what books you have liked in the past (or disliked), or the age range for the person who will be enjoying this box. Maybe you could include suggestions like, "historical novels, but not WW2", "books set far away" or "books that will make me laugh". We can also include a puzzle, its up to you! Shipping is included, but for US customers only.

Please note that we will consult our sales records to do our best to send you new and unique items, but we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if you have already read a title we pick for you or have bought it elsewhere.


Price: $100.00