Ideal Bookshelf Prints- Tolkien

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A collection of the insanely beautiful 50th Anniversary Harper Collins editions of all the J.R.R. Tolkien books about about Middle Earth. After painting them I had to track them all down on eBay so I could also own them.

• First offered in November 2011
• Archival pigment ink print on fine art paper
• Based on an original painting by Jane Mount

Ideal Bookshelf is for People Who Love Books

Jane Mount started Ideal Bookshelf in 2007, painting portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books, the ones that changed their lives and made them who they are today. She also creates prints and notecards of many of the most popular sets of books in various genres. 
In 2012, Jane Mount worked with writer Thessaly La Force to create a book called, "My Ideal Bookshelf", published by Little, Brown. It includes the favorite books of over 100 famous creatives from all fields (from writers and chefs to artists, ballet dancers, and musicians), with short essays about their choices and how they became who they are today. Jane Mount's book, "My Ideal Bookshelf" makes a great gift and is available though our website. 


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