Read It Again warm up- April 28th, 2018

Read It Again warm up! We've move some things around last night for..... Indie Bookstore Day Yay! Yesterday I talked to a really nice lady at Lambert who said she loved our posts. Hi really nice lady at Lambert! (hookem horns!) Today at 11:30 we'll be partying like a mad scientist! Then at 1pm, Jackson Pearce will have her book signing. (So exciting) 2:30 we have more mad scientists! Plus don't forget our store wide sale. Big day. HUGE DAY.

 (btw I don't think I've seen the right front corner of the store that clean since we opened in 2002!)


Read It Again Wrap Up! Indie Bookstore Day 2018. Busy day! Special thanks to Jackson Pearce The kids had a great time talking to her. I had a great time talking about dogs and the new flooring we're thinking of putting in the store. Does anyone have a color suggestion? Check out all the room we've freed up! It freaked a bunch of our regulars out, which we thought was funny. We're gearing up for yoga. Remember the first 10 people who sign up get a lit happens t-shirt. Not to brag.. but I'm having dinner with a awesome RIA alum tonight. Maddie and I are we're going to check out the new Chicken Salad Chick at The Collection. Very exciting.