Read It Again Wrap Up- August 11th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were #lordoftheflies, Flipped, Outsiders, Freak The Mighty, The Namesake, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and all AP books! 
Today was a lovely busy day! It started with a great author event and ended with several families who spent the day with us. We had one family who spent several hours with me last night, come back today and spend several more hours. Love it! I met so many interesting people today. I love Saturdays. 
We had a couple of customers come back today after several years away at college. One young man said it was like coming home. Sigh. How sweet was that! He bought a few carmels because he remembered them from his childhood. 
Teri is back from Canada! She told me about a bookstore in Montreal. They don't keep track of their books in a computer, they don't have a register, they don't take credit cards and he wrote everything down on a yellow legal pad. He sounds like a character in a book. A cross between Ove and A.J. Fikry. 
So, one of my regulars was just complaining that her credit card was declined at Sprouts because they didn't trust that Sprouts was real, but on the say day a simular charge to Read It Again was approved. Obviously her credit card company has excellent taste and feels books are more important than food. I agree.