Read It Again Wrap Up- August 14th, 2018

Read it again wrap up! Today's best sellers were One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Flipped The Glass Castle, The Catcher in the Rye, Something in the Water, The Dry, and Scarlet Letter 

Today was our first book club meeting for, "Who is Vera Kelly?". PM Book Club weren't really fans, but by the end of the meeting they all decided that they liked it better after having discussed it. Next month we're reading, "God's in Alabama", by Joshilyn Jackson Which we are all excited about. I'll start once I finish, "The Everything Box", our sci-fi book club pick for this month.
Today we had a very nice preschool teacher ask us for all our first-day-of-school picture books. Currently all our first-day-of-school picture books are packed up in a box, to be stored away for the rest of the year. So when she came in we just handed her the box and said here you go. It was kind of silly and we both laughed. She had a great time going through the box. In the end she left super happy, especially when we told her about the teacher account. She asked us to thank everyone who donates to the teacher account. She was really moved by our customer's generosity. 
Another funny story.. I had a customer in today who just got back into town after a long car trip. She stopped here on her way home so she could buy 8 caramels! She said she was thinking about our caramels the entire way home. 
I've had 2 customers today ask about, "The Girl With Seven Names" by Hyeonseo Lee. I think I'll have to as it to my TBR list. @nyackley is making us buttons that say "my TBR list is a bookstore". How cute is that. Its so true.