Read It Again Wrap Up- August 27th, 2018

Read It Again warm up! Yesterday's bestsellers were: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Naked Economics, They Must Die at the End, Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, and Lord of the Flies. 
We always have fun when the button maker is out. I'm so glad I bought the thing. It's a great equalizer. Kids, adults, men and women love making buttons. Some teenage boys were hesitant. Doodling isn't very cool. Whatever, buttons are. We had a customer in right before closing who said this was the perfect thing to do today. You know sometimes, you just need to do something creative? 
The staff and I have loved having a table set up in the front of the store. At one point I used it to sort some kids books and I ate lunch at it. What a novelty! Eating at a table, while at work!? Well if you're interested we're still making buttons. So stop on in and let us help you do something creative today. (Or park the kids with Amber and go look for a book for yourself. We don't judge. Do it. Be free for about 5 mins. We've got this.)