Read It Again Wrap Up- August 3rd, 2018


Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were- Cristal Cave, Thank You For ArguingTo Kill a Mockingbird, The Giver, FlippedThe True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (we love you Avi!) A Christmas Carol and The Outsiders.

I have a pride wall. A few years ago I started putting up graduation photos of the kids who worked here. We've been open 16 years, so I have a lot of kids to be proud of. We have teachers (3 who are teaching English overseas), a heath coach, a nutritionalist, a world traveling artist, fashion designer, a estate agent, a music therapist and one former staffer who I'm not sure what she does, but she takes great pictures of her dog. He's a very handsome pup! 
I love working with the teens we hire. We have been unbelievably blessed. 
Olivia just left for college so we have a new teen working in the evenings and weekends. Amber is a avid reader who spends all her free time playing volleyball for Chattahoochee High School. I've watched Amber grow up. She and her family have been shopping with us since she was little. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes. 
Last week Emily and Isabella approached me about starting their own book club. I was ecstatic! They had already figured out the book they wanted to read and when they were going to meet. I really have a great staff. I've been bragging about my teens for years. I just thought it was time to brag on social media.