Read It Again Wrap Up- Dec 7, 2018

Read It Again Wrap Up! This weeks best sellers were- Beloved, The Hidden Light of Northern Fires (Daren Wang author event Dec 8th!!), Becoming and The Wonky Donkey.

I'm been having trouble writing good wrap ups lately. I'm sorry. We've been very busy, which is good. We've also been getting ready for our expansion. This week I lost an old friend from high school. She was super smart. She fiercely loved her family, and was so sweet. So, our senior year she convinced her brothers to build us a potato gun for a physics project. Yeah, I wouldn't have passed physics without her. Ok, my husband and boys would have loved this teacher. He made us make things, like Rube Goldberg Machines and potato guns (really ours was more like a cannon), but I'm not that person. My brain was not meant to build things. Please just let me write a paper and as long as someone spell checks it, I'm good. Nope, this teacher was "cool". So if it wasn't for my friend, I would have failed physics and maybe not have gone to Agnes Scott College. She was pretty cool and I will miss her. That teacher btw, is now a priest. Which has nothing to do with my story. Sorry.

Anyway back to the bookstore, tonight I entered some really cute necklaces. The last time we had them we sold out really quick. I'll post a picture tomorrow. We are almost out of book ornaments! We also got in Christmas lounge pants!! They are so soft! Anne and Teri are going to wear them to work on Sunday. I'm coming in just to take pictures of them. Oh they are going to look so CUTE! 
My friend Emily brought me some really great gluten free cookies today!! Have you guys driven though the Christmas display at Emory yet? We drove through it tonight with the kids. We look forward to that display ever year, its embarrassing.