Read It Again Wrap Up- July 14th, 2018


Read It Again Wrap Up! Todays bestsellers were- Who is Vera Kelly, and The Death of Mrs Westaway
Our new lights make the store so bright! We have family in town. My sister's sister-in-law, Val and her daughter Grace. They helpped me some last min store maintenance before dinner. We put in some new light bulbs and spray painted some sticks for the kids section. Ms. Linda is going to be so confused tomorrow, when she opens the stockroom to find a bunch of painted paint sticks. That sounds weird. It makes since, I'll post pictures when its done. 
One of our favorite regulars was in. She mentioned how much she liked our glowing window sign. I told her we were going to change it to, "Robin, you've got this". We're with you girl. We love you.