Read It Again Wrap Up- July 19th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! 
Today's bestsellers were How to Read Literature Like a ProfessorWho is Vera KellyThe SelectionThe 5th WaveCirceMythology, and Brave New World.
We just had a great book club! "To Say Nothing of the Dog" was a hit. We had a very lively group of people. They stayed past 8pm. I'm so glad Nicole set the time for 6:30pm. Next month we are reading, "The Everything Box" by Richard Kadrey. I can't wait. This is a book Katie from our friends at Avid Bookshop recommend. Yay for bookstore friends!

Oh my gosh! Best story ever. Today we called a customer twice for two different books. So, so book came in for her, and we called to tell her we would hold it. Then an hour later another book came in and we called again. Usually we feel really bad about calling people twice in one day. We really don't want to be a bother. The funny thing is, she told Anne she loves to hear from us. The first time she came into the store, we put her on request for a bunch of titles. Her friend didn't really think we would ever call when the books came in. So everytime we do, it proves her right and her friend wrong. Ha! So she said keep calling, even if its twice in one day. I loved that story. .