Read It Again Wrap Up- July 24th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's best sellers were- Crystal CaveA Wrinkle in TimePride and Prejudice, and Wild Robot 
Oh my goodness. Did you know Read It Again is turning 16 this fall? Sweet 16. Same owners, same family- everyone asks that.
We should have a party. A sweet 16 party. RIA is old enough to drive! Ha.
Today my kids helped a customer find a book. They have grown up in this store. I couldn't be more proud. The twins start high school this year.

I sat on the floor today with one of my regulars. She wanted Matthew Reilly books, because they reminded her of her father. That really touched me. Watching baseball reminds me of my dad, but I built this store with my mom. She's everywhere. (She's also in Sugar Hill having a great time with her friend Kathy, who's visiting from FL. Hi Kathy.)
Victoria Thompson reminds me of my Grandmother, but I can't think of one book that will remind me of my mom. Maybe its fair to say, all books remind me of my mom. How about you? Does one author remind you of a parent or grandparent? What do you read when you want to be close to someone who's gone?