Read It Again Wrap Up- July 6th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were- Neverwhere, Kristen Hannah, The Hunger Games and The Hate U Give. It was old school day here at RIA! Katie came to help out. Katie worked here in high school, but now she's away at UGA studying ancient manuscripts. She's currently working at Avid Bookshop (we love our friends at Avid)
If you see her at Avid, please ask her about Discovery of Witches. Her rant about the proper treatment of manuscripts in Discovery of Witches was a beautiful, beautiful thing. I wish i had recorded it. God we miss you Katie. Then Matilda walks and suddenly it was 2015! Cami, Matilda's mom, was telling me about the bookstore she shops in FL, The Sandman Book Co. I'm adding it to my list #bookstoretourismThey sound like they have a great sense of humor.
So, had a very nice customer come in, who said she liked my wrap ups. I told her I loved her glasses. (They were super cute) Hi!
Free book Friday was a hit! We cleaned out our ARCs and I think everyone got something interesting. If you missed out, don't worry. We'll do it again a few months.
Tomorrow at 11:30 Princess Storytime!
I'll end this on a sweet note. I had a customers say to me the other day- Amazon had better watch out. They have nothing on you! That's a compliment that sticks with you. Her nice words have been rolling around in my head for days. Thank you.