Read It Again Wrap Up- May 11th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were- The Last Mrs. ParrishMurder on Aster Place (we love you #victoriathompson ) and Stiff. Today we had a call from an old customer who had moved to Katie, TX. When she moved she forgot to donate her credit. She happen to be in her local used bookstore and suddenly thought, crap! I still have credit at RIA! So she had us donate her credit. She was generous. I asked her how her new town was. She said it was ok, but there wasn't a Read It Again. A few mins later we had a very nice lady tell us we were, "the best kind of bookstore". Shucks guys. We love you too. What else... oh we had a bunch of kids come just to buy caramels for mother's day. (Have you gotten your mom something nice yet?) (How about something ok? I bet she'll settle for something "ok") the highlight of our day was "The Last Mrs. Parrish". A customer came in to buy her bookclub book and when she found out we had a copy on hold for her best friend, she brought her friend's copy, then had me take a picture of her with the 2 books giving her friend the middle finger. God we were laughing.