Read It Again Wrap Up- May 23rd, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were How to Read Literature Like a Professor, The Color Purple, and anything from The Great American Read List. Did you all watch The Great American Reads last night?! We loved it. The show went a little long, but the books were great. We had so much today helping people pick out which books to read off the list. Ok. So one thing we LOVE doing at RIA, is being your personal shoppers. Today was a day of helping people pick out books! #weloveourcustomers❤️ We were in heaven. We had a lots of families heading off to India today. It's always sad when everyone leaves for the sunmer. I chatted with one mom about all the good food she's going to eat while in India. Man I'm jealous. I also got to meet a sweet girl who lives with her aunt during the school year. So she was excited about going home for the summer. I swear she's bringing her weight home in books! 
Do you need a personal book shopper? We do that. Come in and ask us. We'll help you find the book that fits just right for you