Read It Again Wrap Up- May 29th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were- Brave New World, How to Read Literature like a Professor, Invisable Man, and The Essex Serpent. Today a gentleman told us we were the "last great refuge in this technologically advanced time". I told him that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said me. It was up there with, "will you marry me" (let's see if my husband is reading this post. Ha) later I had a young man who said his childhood peeked at Harry Potter. Nothing else can compare, nothing is as good. Wow. Have you guys read Garden Spells? In it there is an apple tree that when you eat one of its apples you see the happiest moment of your life.. which at first sounds amazing, but what if that moment has already passed? What if you have nothing to look forward to after that moment? What if you spend years waiting for that moment, then it hits, and you're amazingly happy... then what? Anyway, Garden Spells is a great book by Sarah Addison Allen. It's actually a very sweet stoty about two sisters reconnecting. I keep it new in stock. The young man who loved Harry Potter reminded me of the apple tree in Garden Spells. You know great thing about the young man? He hasn't given up. He's still looking for something great to read. Unfortunately he's still comparing everything to Harry Potter. It's hard to top Harry Potter.