Read It Again Wrap Up- May 4th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's best sellers were Life of Pi, A Man Called Ove,  A Long Way Gone. I'm working on the summer reading lists. So far Alpharetta High School and Johns Creek High School, are the only ones who have given me anything. Come on people! Where are my Longhorns? Where are my kids from NVHS and SFHS? We had some teachers in today from Milledgeville. They were visiting Johns Creek Middle School. Super nice ladies. They got the special teacher discount. We told them that everywhere they go, they should announce they're teachers and see what happens. If they hadn't of told me, they wouldn't of gotten the teacher discount. Shout-out to Gottwals Books! These ladies said they love your stores. I have a fun event coming up in a few weeks. Would anyone know a child who would like to read a book to a therapy dog? I know my daughter is super excited. I hope to post info tomorrow. Night allL