Read It Again Wrap Up- May 7th, 2018

Read It Again wrap up! Today's bestsellers were anything AP. I can't believe school is almost over! We had a very frustrated nana in today. Telemarketers just keep calling her. So we helped to put her phone number on the do not call registry. (We are a full-service bookstore) She'll still get calls, but maybe it won't be as many. She left very happy. So that made my day. Customers are really loving our new open layout. We didn't remove anything, just spread it out. If you haven't seen the new layout, you should drop on by. Today I made a reading nook! It's kind of hidden, but the best reading nooks are. Met with one of my fav gift reps today. We'll have some new gifts coming soon. I reordered the name necklaces everyone loves. We helped a young man find some Robert Muchamore books. He was so excited he was practically shaking. One of my fav media specialist came in to buy gift cards for her Battle of Books Winners. She bought them with their own money. Great lady.
Would anyone be intrested I'm storytime with a princess?
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