Read It Again Wrap Up- November 17, 2018

Read It Again Wrap Up! Today's bestsellers were- Radium Girls, Fahrenheit 451, The Kite Runner and The Other Wes Moore
We've had to pack up our coffee table books, so we have a place to put our new literature section. New Lit has been in the same spot for 16 years. At this point my body is on auto pilot when people as for certain books. So its very frustrating when you turn a corner and expect lit and find empty shelves. But we are coping. (Expanded store. More bookshelves. More space. Expanded store. More bookshelves. More space. Say it with me) Exciting news, in February Pam Jenoff is coming for a visit! OMG, yes you read that right! Pam Jenoff will be here to talk about her new book, The Lost Girls of Paris. (Its good, I've read it) Next week is our sweet 16 birthday sale! Yay! RIA can now drive! I'll post more about that soon.